Technology from Egypt


Any electronic control system, irrespective of its commercial name whether PLC, SCADA, industrial computer plus output power unit, smart building...etc) is composed of a broad sense of the following components:

So our approach to delivering high quality electronic controls systems is by means of an in-house design and manufacturing system we call "fast design and build" and the System is based on:

The hardware

- MISR CONTROLS designed and manufactured basic building blocks for all the above mentioned system components

- Any automatic control project we tackle is based on the assembly of certain system building blocks based on the project. According to MISR CONTROLS standards, it took us 6 working days to complete, assemble and test a system (a Rubber Mixer in the largest automotive Tire Plant) composing of a local network, a number of 220 inputs of 110 AC volts considered as digital inputs, a number of 150 outputs of 110 AC volts 3 amps static relays, and 36 analog inputs from 0-10 volts DC, controlled and process programmable from Laptop

The Software

The software is where our power and flexibility stands out:

- We designed and coded ready-made templates based on the project's monitoring sampling rate and the maximum output response time. The template is equipped with modules in which the customers process specific programming can be either done via the customer or via our programmers. In both cases the programming effort is done to code the process strategically only, since all the internal workings of response times and artificial intelligence analysis is already pre-programmed from our ready-made templates.

-We outsource operator level user interface and graphical display monitoring software. But, for customers who prefer designing and coding their own operator level user interface and graphical display monitoring software (a direction we encourage, since it can be used to review and re-check the process details), our above explained system approach makes this easy , since we use a vector array via the network communication hardware. Our customers can program and extract monitoring information using hers/his code very easily.

-To give an idea of the time we take to program the above given hardware with some in-house testing before dispatching the whole system ready for installation and commissioning: it took us 13 working days

Finally, send a brief summary of your automation project, and we will send you the details of our approach to your project without any commitment.