service application examples




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Application examples of the service not limited to.

        In Science

■ Solving mathematical equations in any form ( linear, non-linear, DE,...etc.) .

■ Solving constraint and unconstraint optimization problems .

■ Analyzing test data for any kind of laboratories ( medical , chemical , material )

        In Engineering

■ Engineering analysis and optimization for Mechanical , Electrical and Electronics and Chemical processes

■ Networks mathematical models

■ Analyzing sewage flow patterns and , in interconnected force mains optimization of the selection of pipe diameters , capacity of pumps operation cycles and in gravity networks the slopes of gravity sewers selection of optimum locations for lifting stations.

■ Analyzing traffic engineering parameter values for road design and optimum traffic flow patterns.

        In Industry

■ Automatic control systems simulation studies and optimization.

■ Optimizing the machine loading plan and operations sequence  for job shop type production facilities ( furniture, food processing , auto parts ,...etc.) , plus it's associated optimum raw material purchase plan.

■ Optimum cutting plan of raw materials, for minimum output waste.

■ Process improvement studies for chemical industries through planned experimentation methods not restricted to single variable per experiment approach.

■ Analyzing production inspection data for the deduction of the quality pattern curves of final products in order to measure the degree of control the production plant has on the quality of the final products, plus the design of quality plans to improve the control of the production plan and final product.

■ Data routers protocol analysis and optimization for communication service providers.

■ optimizing a cash flow plan by putting into consideration all the variables, and produce a robust plan for any kind of   projects or production jobs

■ Reliability, maintenance and Replacement policy, How well is equipment working? How reliable is it? When should it be replaced?

■ Optimum work plans for human resources, machines, and tools.

■ Better asset utilization

        In Service Industry

■ In Flight catering , to produce a robust optimum Plan at min Cost for every Cycle

■ the design of optimum routing and\or operation scheduling for land, sea, and air transport fleets.

■ Reliability & Replacement policy, How well is equipment working? How reliable is it? When should it be replaced?

        In Management

■ Analysis for cause effect qualitative data types, as an effective aid tool in fact finding activities for the purpose of measuring the efficiency of current organization charts together with it's associated communication protocols between various departments and employees, with respect to its ability to respond to work demands and constraints the management feels is necessary to implement.

■ In Finance and Investment, How much capital is needed? How much will it cost? What is the best cash flow Strategy?

        In Finance

■ Portfolio Analysis, How to determine the best investment mix?

        In Software analysis

■ Verification & optimization of Software algorithms using advanced mathematical methods.