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MISR CONTROLS offer the following computational Mathematical optimization Service , based on our experience and our extensive utilization of applying advanced Mathematics in solving and optimizing the solutions in our design Work .

Definition of mathematical optimized solutions Service (The Service is not operations Research)

It may not be clear from the first instance , what "Optimized mathematical solutions “MOS” means, and in particular on how its use as a valuable and indispensable Tool can benefit the efficient running of simple or complex Business of any nature.

Mathematical optimization is neither Operation Research nor System analysis , but it is the specific task of using mathematics to optimize one or more well defined complex issue/s within a certain System on the basis of the Data given.

Executives in every kind of Business organization whether large or small, private and public, for-profit and not-for-profit are utilizing operations research to unlock the values in their data, and model the variables in complex systems, to enable them to make better decisions with less risk.

To highlight the duty of a, business executive when it comes to designing an action plan he should as a matter of Fact :

Mostly the used calculation tools to tie things together are project management software and/or spread sheets which, during the design phase, are used in a trial and error manner depending on experience and good personal judgment.

After some time and a number of calculation cycles and which might also involve changing the strategic goals several times, two outcomes are possible, one which is an action plan within the set limits (but not optimal, since no mathematical optimality test was conducted), and the other outcome, is that no action plan is possible to achieve the Target within the defined limits and constrains.

Things could be left as it is and to consider the above outcomes as cycles of life with its up's and down's ignoring a substantial savings in money and/or operation efficiency if the Plan is properly optimized . However in an ever growing competitive market more and more of the following notes are being raised:

● The tedious trial and error calculation work is a time consuming job, in which time would be better utilized if concentrated on running the business

● Can things be made different so to cut costs, gain more profit, reduce time, hit the market at an earlier date, use less resources,.etc.

●  How can a plan be designed to better withstand the ever changing values of cost and time (e.g. like the change of energy or raw Material prices ; Production Cost , transportation schedules for example due to bad weather and so on) .

● How to design an optimum plan to achieve a certain Goal , and yet the Plan to be flexible enough to give an optimum output each time any of the factors involved change.

Mathematical modeling of the Problem

The approach to the answer to all of the raised points is simple, and lies mainly in using advanced mathematical techniques by constructing a Mathematical Model for the Problem to be solved , reflecting all the definitions , inter-relations , limits, and goals of the Problem/ the action plan in a well-defined mathematical model , derivation of computational methods for solving the model with optimization of the targeted result , and Formatting the final output in a user friendly Form.

The problem is then solved mathematically, therefore in most cases this means that the solution it provides is the optimal solution for the objective aimed at based on the available data that is presented, whether the Target is the min. Cost, min. Time, min. Waste …..etc.

In such case Mathematical optimization provides you with the best answer

Mathematical optimized solution/s MOS is In simple terms the application of modern and complex mathematical science In modeling the system variables using various forms of applied mathematics , implemented as software algorithms to any complex management, operational, engineering, and science problems, which include the management of human, machine, and money .

● The readymade available software for this purpose have a limitation which is that readymade software cannot be customized for every individual case, therefore does not guarantee maximum success for every business case besides; they rely in the mathematical methods on limited well-known basic theories for reasons of reliability. Moreover, they eliminate the very important factor of human contact because their technical support is mainly concerned with problems regarding the client's use of the software and not with the original problem of the client.

How the Service is performed

Performing the Service, at the request of a Client ,begin with us Misr Controls ( the service provider ) studying and analyzing, of the Data given by the Service User ( the Client ) , after the Problem and the solution objective are identified , and after the target output Result are agreed upon , the Service is then performed by us according to the following algorithm:

1. We develop a scientific model of the system incorporating measurement of performance indexes, even factors as chance and risk are included in the model.

2. Then we design the mathematical methods to solve the model reliably and efficiently and apply it to the Model.

3. The outcome will be an initial nominal solution.

4. We conduct sensitivity analysis to measure the impact of variation of the problem parameters on the nominal solution.

5. Compare the outcomes of alternative decisions, strategies or controls

6. Formulating the final solution in a ready to use format.

It should be clear that the final product is not a sort of developed software, (since all the computations are conducted within the service provider computer lab) , but the final agreed upon target results are forwarded to the service user in any agreed upon ready to use Format.

In its simplest terms, this Service is a method of selling scientific resources as if they were utilities.

MOS offers customers the ability to pay as much as you use the service without the need to make capital expenditures or to hire and manage additional skilled staff to perform complex analyzing or optimization tasks. This leaves the customers able to focus on their business, avoid fixed costs where possible (to support that flexibility), and be resilient instead of vulnerable,

When should you acquire MOS services?

 1 -When unable to find a readymade comprehensive software in an IT Packet to fulfill some advanced computational requirement, and/or the need to hire additional skilled staff to perform the tasks.

2 - When unable to decide on what the best type of analysis routine is needed to analyze a problem in hand.

3 - When you need to optimize the use of your information and data base technology, to produce efficient and powerful decision support frame work.

The technology itself is relatively horizontal, it serves every business who has cost and/or complexity problems, and that is irrespective of the nature and/or size of the Business whether industrial, commercial, or service or even for non profit establishments.

How the Service is operated

In order to quote an initial Cost Estimate for the Service , we need that you submit to us by using your own words a summery description of the matter you want us to analyze, and if possible include the following points :

1. State your objective.

2. State your constraints.

3. List the resources used (human, machine, money,..etc.).

4. The time you need for us to finish the job.

5. How you want our output solution formatted.

We shall study the Problem on the basis of the Information submitted and respond max within five working days, by sending a questionnaire covering any missing or further needed info. In our response we shall include also in detail the estimated Cost and the payment terms as well, if the Service contracted.

NO charges of any kind will be due or recognized except after accepting the Terms of our Service by the Service User.

ALL Information and/or data received by us will be handled with complete confidentiality including those supplied prior to contracting the Service irrespective of later contracting the Service or not.